16.5. 2019           

Embodied Awareness
Peter Doobinin 

Donnerstag, 19-21 Uhr
Ort: Lotos-Vihara
Neue Blumenstr. 5, 10179 Berlin
Eintritt: 10,- Euro, erm. 5,- Euro
in Englisch ohne Übersetzung

In this evening talk, we’ll discuss the importance of cultivating embodied awareness in following the Buddha’s path.  When we have an embodied awareness, we’re able to develop a deeper understanding into our human experience of body and mind.  With an embodied awareness, we have the ability to discern mental qualities as they manifest as form, in the body; this is an essential skill in our efforts to find freedom from suffering.  When awareness is embodied, we’re able to develop our innate wisdom.  We’re able find our way to the heart.  In the talk, we’ll learn how, by cultivating the skills the Buddha taught, we’re able to cultivate embodied awareness and how this quality of awareness supports our efforts to find true happiness in this life.  The evening will include meditation and time for discussion.  All are invited to attend.