4.7. 2019            

Mindfulness of Thinking
Peter Doobinin

Donnerstag, 19-21 Uhr
Ort: Lotos-Vihara
Neue Blumenstr. 5, 10179 Berlin
Eintritt: 10,- Euro, erm. 5,- Euro

On this evening, we’ll explore how we develop the skill of mindfulness of thinking.  We’ll talk about the practice the Buddha, as a Bodhisatta seeking awakening, practiced in his efforts to abandon unskillful thinking and cultivate skillful thinking.  And we’ll talk about how we can use this same practice in our lives in our own efforts to find a greater happiness.
As the Buddha tells us, his ability to purify his thinking was pivotal in his journey; when he established his ability to practice mindfulness of thinking, he was then able to develop the skills of concentration and discernment that led to his awakening.  In the talk, we’ll take a close look at the Buddha’s suttas in order to deepen our understanding of this important teaching.  The evening will include time for meditation and discussion.  All are welcome to attend.