Developing the Qualities of Jhana – The Buddha’s Concentration
Peter Doobinin

Zeit: 10-17 Uhr
Seminargebühr: 80 Euro, erm. 60
Ort: Lotos-Vihara, Neue Blumenstr. 5, 10179 Berlin
Anmeldung: T. 030 639 646 16  oder office@buddhistische-akademie-bb.de
In Englisch ohne Übersetzung

In this daylong program, we’ll learn how, as lay men and women, living in the modern world, we can develop the qualities of “jhana,” the Buddha’s concentration. It is often thought that in order to cultivate jhana, we need to spend a great amount of time in silent retreat practice. But this isn’t true. As the Buddha tells us, if we learn the steps of breath meditation, and put wholehearted effort into the practice, we can develop the qualities of jhana. In fact, this is something the Buddha emphasized that householders should learn to do. During this day, we’ll learn about what the jhana qualities are, how to cultivate them, and the benefit in doing so. The day will include meditation, instruction, teaching, and discussion. All are welcome.
*Please note the program will be taught in English.