Becoming more fully human
mit Martin Aylward

es gibt noch freie Plätze

Vortrag in Kooperation

in Englisch

Freitag, 19.30-21.30 Uhr
Ort: Bodhicharya
Kinzigstr. 25-29, 10247 Berlin
Eintritt: auf Spendenbasis
in Kooperation mit Wiebke Pausch und Yin Yoga Berlin

We base our lives around pursuing happiness for ourselves and others. But how free are you in your own Mind? How well do you know yourself. Join Martin for an evening to explore wis – dom and meditation, pointing to true freedom of being.

5. – 6.05.2018

The True Heart’s Longing: Love, Wisdom and Freedom of Being
mit Martin Aylward

Seminar in Kooperation

in Englisch

Ort: Lotos-Vihara
Neue Blumenstr. 5, 10179 Berlin
Kursgebühr: 130 € / erm. 110 €
Zeit: 10:00-13:00 & 14:30-17:00
Info und Anmeldung:
Wiebke Pausch:wipausch@gmail.com
in Kooperation mit Wiebke Pausch und Yin Yoga Berlin

It is human nature to know a deep longing for depth, meaning and love. This weekend will explore the longing of the heart as a crucial resource for opening into greater depth, ease and skilfulness in meeting life’s profound beauty and endless suffering.

Martin will guide meditations, discussion and inquiry exercises. We will develop embodied presence, emotional healing and transformative wisdom as we explore, dialog, and practice together during the two days of the workshop.

Martin Aylward
Martin Aylward has been guiding students and teaching awakening worldwide since 1999, offer- ing a pragmatic and contemporary view of ancient eastern teachings, and pointing to freedom of be- ing, here and now. He spent 5 years living in various Buddhist monasteries and with Himalayan hermits in India. He is founding and guiding teacher of Moulindechaves.org, his retreat centre in France, and the mindfulnesstraininginstitute.com
For more information, visit MartinAylward.com